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Working with Earth Energies by David FurlongThe Keys to the Temple by David FurlongThe Healer Within by David FurlongHealing Your Family Patterns by David FurlongHealing Your Family Patterns by David Furlong
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CD Cover A CD of inner development guided imagery exercises, including, protection, grounding and self-healing. Click here for sample. Newsletter Click here for the latest 2011 newsletter.

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Sacred Egypt - Next Trip November 2014
10 day trip visiting ancient Egyptian temple sites, including celebrating the sunrise at Queen Hatshepsut's mortuary temple, shown above. The trip will include excursions to the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the magnificent Karnak temple as well as traveling further afield to visit the Abydos temple, which holds the enigmatic Flower of Life symbol. For details of this trip please click here .

Malta Temple

Malta Tours 2014 - Touching the Goddess
The next Malta Trip will coincide with the autumn equinox and runs from 20th - 28th September 2014. The tour include excursions to the major temple sites of Malta and Gozo with their significant goddess associations. We will also have an early morning visit to the Mnajdra temple, which is aligned to the equinox sunrise.
Click here for details.

Gaia Communicates
Water - The Essence of Life
The Sirius Connection

David Furlong
Picture of David FurlongDavid has been a therapist and teacher for more than 35 years and is the author of five books including "The Healer Within" and "Working with Earth Energies." He sees clients for health balancing, food sensitivity testing, counselling and spirit release. He runs course in the UK and abroad in related subjects. Click here for more details.
Ancestral Healing
Avebury Henge - Geometry
Devas and Nature Spirits
Egyptian Temple Alignments
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The Flower of Life and the Osirion
Hatshepsut Temple at Midwinter Solstice
London's Leys
London's Holy Wells
Malvern Hills Tree of Life
Myths and Archetypes
Orbs - A Mystery Solved
Principles of Healing
Psychic Development
Psychic Protection
Sekeds and Pyramid Geometry
Scotland Pentagram
Space Clearing
Spirit Release
The Keys to the Temple - Intro
The 8th Chakra
The Michael Alignment
What happened in 3100bc?
Working with Earth Energies
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What's New Spirit Release Foundation Conference 2006Video and presentation taken from the Spirit Release Foundation Annual Conference 2006 entitled Possessions, Attachments or Soul Fragments. To view the video online click the picture.
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